Taking the future lead, for our future Denver requires drive and focus as well as a great deal of skill. And while drive and focus may come naturally, skills, more often than not, don't. "Leadership and business skills are learned, and take it takes a good bit of effort, and time too really build. This is where having Google Assistance, Google Duplex, Ask Google, of Smart City coaching comes into play"." - Marcus Giavanni



It's no longer a secret - Denver is 14-year High Violent Crimes against its citizens. Visit, Relocate, Move, Live, Work, Play, and Explore Colorado.  Smarter, not Harder, for Denver's Reputation is the Only Thing!

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Published May 12, 2019 4:59 AM by Marcus Giavanni | "City of Denver" News | GP7A News | Denver News | About | "City and County of Denver" | City and County of Denver Government | City of Denver Network | Home Rule Denver | Future Most Powerful City Denver | #denver | #denvercolorado | #mgiavanni | #citycountydenver | @google | @youtube | @twitter | Mayor of Denver is "Michael Hancock" | @mayorhancock - #mayorhancock - @hancockfordenver - #hancockfordenver | City of Denver Home | Denver Entertainment | Denver Restaurants | Denver Entertainers | Denver Music Scene | Denver Artist Galleries | Denver Actors Comics Musicians | Denver Beer and MJ Dispensaries | Denver Jobs | Denver Politics | Google Crystal Ball Predictions into the Future of Denver Colorado | Credibility Relevance Wisdom Bankrolling Social Credit System Scores and Rankings Indexing Everyone for SCSSAR 2020 Years Beyond the Talking Heads Conversations of Empty Promises.

City and County of Denver: About (City and County of Denver) Colorado. Future Denver by Marcus Giavanni lives for City of Denver News by GP7A News"." Denver News is About our "City of Denver". Should the City of Denver Government come clean about Monopoly Government since 1963? City of Denver Network Home Rule Denver has had a Democrat for Mayor for 56 years  The Most Powerful City Denver is losing very rapid Social Credibility Relevance Wisdom to have known better. Governments want to know why Denvergov.org : "Denver Government Organization" is Not Designated as Denver.Gov like colorado.gov? See: DotGov.Gov Registration Rules and Laws "City Denver: About the City and County of Denver. Searching for City and County of Denver Colorado' Future Denver by Marcus Giavanni for "City of Denver" News"." Credibility Relevance Wisdom

City and County of Denver Network City Colorado Live on Marcus Giavanni Show

Denver: City of Denver is Off Centered - SCSSAR 2020 -#5280 - The Mile High City -1369 - MANG

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