Published May 24, 2018 8:07 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Denver Network | Colorado Networking 64 Counties | On Google Cloud Based Platform | The Next Level of Sector Partnership Building | Colorado | City and County of Denver | The Big Flush | Internet Data Flush | 2020 Mega Data Flush into the Quasar of the Black Hat Abyss | You All should be Pissed Off | You Did not have the Wisdom to see your actions would have serious consequences. Call the office at 303-945-1638 or send and email, whichever you prefer.

Denver Network - Denver Networking - - Denver Network" will be networking in Colorado. CO has 64 Counties Networking with the "City of Denver 2019". Learning that the CityandCountyofDenver.Net will be the Most Powerful Buying force in the word. The Most Powerful Nonpartisan Blockchain Governments of the World'." As old school media, and journalist try to figure out why they all have lost credibility, relevance to their subject of authority. On Google, and their authorship only goes as far as their circles. And the Wisdom for not believing fellow citizens, who have the authority, to explain what’s happening in Google circles. My circles are the Artificial Intelligence in Google. The Artificial Intelligence Machine learning capabilities have now moved to Artificial Intelligence Teaching Capabilities since 2011. Shhhh! - Marcus Giavanni

Denver Network: Networking: City and County of Denver Networking Worldwide Commerce 1369 by Networking FUTURE City of the Nation 2019

City and County of Denver: City of Denver Voters want a New Mayor for the Office Denver Mayor 2019 City and County of Denver - Mayor Michael B. Hancock, #timesuphancock,@denverteachers

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Published May 24, 2018 8:59 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Colorado | City of Denver |  Equitable Building Denver | Voters Denver County | Want New 2019 Mayor | 2019 Office Denver Mayor |  CityandCountyofDenver.Net |  County Denver Building | Mayor Michael B. Hancock for Denver 2019 | #timesuphancock | @denverteachers

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City and County of Denver - City of Denver - - Denver the Great Enabler os the big social dump, and redirect, back into the system. Voters want a New Mayor for the Office Denver Mayor. City and County Denver Building, Mayor Michael B. Hancock, #timesuphancock, @denverteachers. Remember, when teachers have power, and teacher have money. Our children Win. My elementary teachers where the best. Though they knew I was special, they had no idea why I could not sit still, and why I asked so many questions. My questions was how I learned. To do most things. I found it was easy for me to have my teachers show me how to remove and replace a carburetor, then me having to spend 3 hours learning and talking about something, I learned in 10 minutes. Can't do that on the new cars today for sure. I ways loved to hear my new teachers tell me about their summer vacation. Especially those with slides.  

Our teachers make enough money to pay a mortgage, let alone go on vacation. This means our teachers don't have compatibility stories to teacher their children. Folks, Denver needs to slow down. I have seen this growth, worked this growth, and now. In 2019, I'm back in 1979.

Believe it, or not! - Marcus Giavanni