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YouTube: YouTube has terminated the City and County of Denver Channel. Due to many anonymous complaints about using the "City and County of Denver on Youtube. We stand by Our use of Our SOS Colorado registration of our "City and County of Denver, LLC" - Trade Name "City and county of Denver" and our Trademark for use under our registered category - "City and County of Denver" And we are in no way affiliated with DENGOV.ORG. WE ARE NOT THE GOVERNMENT! What this anonymous complainer did was open a “PANDORAS BOX” and  Denver’s reputational risks with local state marketplaces in the coming years; is could bring devastating Real Estate drops up to 60% in 3-4 years.  Denver’s reputational risks in the international marketplace is already being categorized. … As the World Turns! Now we have City and County of Denver Network Channel

Future Denver - Future of the City and County of Denver - - The Future of the City of Denver is trending "City and County of Denver". And knowing the "Future of the City and County of Denver", Colorado is priceless! And the City and County of Denver Future depends on it. The new Internet conversations being indexed for the next "Google Top Organic Search" for "Future of the City and County of Denver, Colorado" in 2015. Is not the same as "Future of the City and County of Denver, Colorado 2011"." 

"GP7A News: Voters' say's it's Priceless, knowing future City Denver. We go broke, by not knowing the future is Weird! Stop it Marcus Giavanni #TapTheVote Candidate Marcus Giavanni promise to work hard to end the future elected politicians from receiving pensions. After serving terms, go get a job like everyone else."." "Future of the City and County of Denver, Colorado"."

Those Denver Politicians Pre-2019 or incumbents... your Pensions are Safe. Those city council Members Elected in 2019 No Long Term Pensions, you all talk about getting for the rerst of you lives. Stop it, that's wiered.  This will hold true for the New Mayor, New Clerkand Recorder, and if a new Auditors is elected, then the New Auditor will not recieve Life long pensions. This is what Denver voters want. No more Denver Politician Millioners.

We will let Denver voters Decide. On the Future of the City and County of Denver: What future? Who's Future" Denver's Future read the CODE ABSORB the CODE. THEN go Speak EDOC!!!! CAN YOU DIG IT!!

The future is not the Bernie Sanders voters, like everyone thinks is still around, okay maybe those who have not yet figured out. Bernie Sanders is irrelevant, When Bernie Sanders (Socialist, also takes over the White house, because our children have not been taught the easy, and means of Socialism. Instead, America Schools opt for Political Correctness, teaching our children the ideology of the 
democratic party for the last 55 years. 

Bernie Sanders would have stayed relevant if he had only told the party he was fighting against, Democratic Party. To Have a nice Day. See in 2020. That could have tilted the sway of America's ship toward a lifestyle of the socialist parties, some millennials have been encouraged to seek.

Why, how could this happen. Because Lazy Voters, and winners, who always cried and complained, but never voted. Say their votes don’t count. Well tell that the Berne Sander voters who almost changed the course of The United States Government for Every. All by the power of the VOTE!

A city Always live in the State of Emergency, but never be in a State of Emergency - Marcus Giavanni Future of the City and County of Denver, Colorado 2017 The future Denver belongs to everyone who loves Denver! Restore City Beautiful, and the Nonpartisan rule of Law in regards to the governance of the City and County of Denver. Love It, or Leave It! We can no longer produce Homeless, or take care of other cities homeless, addcits, and free loaders.

Open Your Eyes Denver Voters The time for enabling is over.

Go ask Oregon and Washington how their, free society is working out for them Home much is does it cost them to bus their citizens to Denver. Shhhh! by Not in just a few Google subject matter of authority in Colorado 2017. But All round the world..."Who is Marcus Giavanni: Get ready Folks ... it's going to be epic in the city and county of Denver 2018 and 2019 and 2020. And only 80,000 know. and they are about to tell 10 people. no likes, no fooling, just old fashion conversations, before the Google Search"

By Marcus Giavanni

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Future of the City and County of Denver Colorado

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