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Hoban Law Group Denver - The Hoban Law Denver Colorado - - #HobanLawGroupGroup, at @HobanLawGroup. And why is Hoban Law Group for Hoban Law Group for Kayvan Khalatbari: Kayvan Khalatbari's “Cannabis Government Take Over? 2018 Hoban Law Group has chosen Kayvan Khalatbari to establish a Cannabis Government. And the possible Take Over 2019. And Michael "#timesuphancock" Hancock is scrambling to take back the #Medical and #Recreation Cannabis in #Denver. What #mayor2019, will be Marcus Giavanni”."

1913 Nonpartisan vs Kleptocracy 2019. Defending the Kingdom of Denver Since 2011. Denver Voters Spoke They Want Marijuana – We Must Respect That – They Don’t Want Their Denver Government, to be used as the Cannabis Industry Platform for National Legalization. Voters have said "Let those States fight like Denver, and the entire state of Colorado Voters' did. – Marcus Giavanni  NonpartisanMayorofDenverforMarcusgiavanni2019.com

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Did you know that the media and current status quo leadership thinks, they are smarter than Denver Voters! We are ready to battle them, and the Monopoly Government. lead by Democrat Mayor Michael Hancock. Ruling Denver for 16 years of power. And now he wants 4 more years. With a paycheck of $260,000 a year for the rest of his life. Denver Voters say no way. And they say no way to Kayvan Khalatbari who is trying to establish his own team of senators, city councilman, auditor, clerk and recorder. And not to mention being backed by the cannabis industry. Just look at the candidates list. Again, Kayvan does not answer his own emails. He uses ins someone else. Whilst he is out pushing what he does best sell marijuana. The conflict of interest is a red flag to many voters. Even though who use marijuana.

No Denver is at 10-year record high violent crimes, murders, home invasions, robberies, etc. We have a mayor who claims he’s going to build the $2,000,000,000 mobility plan, and now $2,000,000,000 RTD Department, And now he wants home owners to pay for their side walk repairs. And with the over inflated home pricing. And the Single home being replaced by duplexes, triplexes, and massive apartment buildings going up. With Denver streets not built for these massive foot prints of people, and their cars. How are we going to lower our carbon foot print??? We are not, it’s all Shuck and Jive Politics.

WAKE UP DENVER VOTERS. You are becoming cash poor. And when the housing bubble blows up in all your cafes. Denver Mayor Michael Hancock Will still make his $260,000 a year pension, and same with all those ex-politicians. Who has padded themselves from the coffers of Denver. Which are empty! Go ask Michael! #timesUpHancock Movement