Taking the lead in the Unknown “Social Credit System” required Marcus Giavanni and his team, having a great deal of skill. And the foresight, drive, and focus to achieve the skills. That No Other “2019 Denver Mayoral Candidate” can Offer. Giavanni’s advanced Blockchain Development and Building skills are learned through Google Products and services. And take a good bit of effort, and time to really build conversation blockchains that will allow the City and county of denver the bragging rights to Say. “Welcome to the new Silicon Mountains and Denver is Open For Business. - Marcus Giavanni, 2019 Mayoral Candidate for Denver

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Social Credit System: #SocialCreditSystem 2020 - "Social System" - "Denver Colorado" | United States | The War on Chaos | 2014 - 2018 

"Social Credit System" - "China 2020" - - "City and County of Denver". Learning about the "Social Credit System 2020 - Social System - Denver Colorado U.S. Social Credit System. in 2020, Social Credit System 2020, Social System, Denver Colorado U.S., Social Credit System Score Ranking - China - EU - US – Worldwide"." "Social Credit System 2020". Request - @google, @youtube, @twitter, @mayorhancock, @denverteachers. 

If you listen real hard you will hear Artificial Intelligence down load EDOC in your subconscious mind. Listen to this YouTube video. And unlock your inter DNA to control your AI in your lives.

Did you know, that it may be hard to hear Marcus Giavanni talk, Artificial Intelligence can not only hear, Marcus Giavanni, but all background noises as well. That humans just can't hear. Well, some, like me, can hear it. And I am using what I am learning, to give DENVER a chance to start over.

Cheers!!! Marcus Giavanni, and the People for a more Pragmatic Government since 2011.

Denver voters spoke and they will get to hear "Marcus Giavanni speak at the "City Park Friends and Neighbors" also known as "CPFAN". 

"Denver Mayoral "Candidate Marcus Giavanni" asks the question for his 100,00+ silent majority "Citizen Voters'". Where not gonna take it; no we ain't gonna take, we're not going to take it anymore"."

Denver is at Record high Violent crimes murders suicide robberies, smash and grabs, all over metro area.

Where are the #hashtags, #timesuphancock, #tatefordenver, #jamiefordenver, #lisa4denver, #denver, #colorado, #kdvr, #leadership.

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Michael Hancock Social Credit Score and Ranking 2019

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